Covid Product

Covid-19 Ag kits comes in a pack of 25s and is recommended by many maritime authorities world wide.
The best quality of N95 masks with certification. Comes in a pack of 5s colour is white with double strap.
Oxygen Concentrators are highly in demand, Ours comes with 2 yrs warranty, its easy to operate.
Body Gaurd Hand Wash
The body gaurd hand wash contains no parabens. In the pack of two, it is one of the most effective means of eradicating germs and bacteria.
Hand Sanitizers
Our organization provides an amazing assortment of Hand Sanitizer in a pack of two to meet the requirements of the rising demands in the industry.
Finger Pulse Oximeter
The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is used to monitor blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate on the spot. Athletes, pilots, and anyone else who wants to know their SpO2 and pulse rate can use it to receive reliable readings rapidly.
Blue Fogg
BLUE FOGG is a highly dependable fogger machine with a wide range of uses to keep your surrounds clean, with a nozzle that produces aerosol less than a micron in size in drops for optimal performance.
IR Thermometers
The heat on the temporal artery on the forehead is scanned using the forehead thermometer. It uses cutting-edge technology to provide an accurate temperature measurement in just three seconds.
Steam Inhalers / Steamers
A portable steam inhaler that can be used to relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms. It aids in the relief of throat irritation as well as the cleaning of the nasal passage.
Face Shields
Our face shield can protect your entire face from splashes from 180 degrees. It can be simply cleaned with water, and the sturdy materials and anti-fog function allow it can be reused while delivering the excellent vision.
Body Suit
These breathable coveralls are a more comfortable and cost-effective option for extended usage durations. With these, you can keep your clothes clean in a dirty work environment! White coveralls with an attached hood can help protect your garments from particles, liquids, and dust.
Hand Gloves
These powder-free gloves are composed of exceptionally durable nitrile. The gloves are 16 inches long and can comfortably cover your hands. These ambidextrous cuffs feature a beaded cuff for easy on and off. These hand gloves also provide exceptional dexterity and tactile sensitivity.